Thought for the Day.

Abe“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

                                –  Abraham Lincoln

This is a key underlying concept of the Figital Revolution…if we as photogrpahers band together and speak out about what we want in our industry, the industry will be compelled to listen! So over the next few months I will be conducting brief surveys (3 yes or no questions each) on what the photographic community really wants. So click on the survey link and and make your voice heard! I will post the results on The Figital Revolution and also use this information in meetings with industry (aka The Photo Industrial Complex) to illustrate what Real Photographers- that’s you- want! Please note you must enter your email address at the end of the survey to keep voting honest… please only VOTE once… it’s how Lincoln would have wanted it.

Link To Survey!

 Via La Revolution – Stephen Schaub

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The Open System

There’s lots of talk today online and in print about open camera system architecture…that is to say, a camera system that will accept different camera backs (medium and large format) and perhaps even lenses made by different manufacturers (see new Zeiss and Voigtlander offering for Nikon).

Very Cul!

Hasselblad of course screwed up this warm group hug and collective back rubbing with the introduction of the H3 which is a closed system (read: they want all your money) – definitely a lame move on their part.

The best (most flexible and cost effective) open system to date is: analog FILM married to a good scanner. Lots of options with a minimal investment and proven, time-tested technology to boot.

The best- or at least coolest- digital open system so far?…consider the Hy6 (you know, if you have $30,000.00+ just kicking around)!

I, for one, will stick with the film option.