The Cost of Caffenol C

As I am putting my notes together to produce “The Photographers Coffee Break”, I decided to do a quick calculation on the actual cost for Caffenol C Developer as sourced from my local grocery store… $1.00 per roll if you use distilled water… .75┬ó per roll if you use tap water… not bad at all!

I am leaving for New Orleans later today so for the next few days posts here on FR will come from my ipod Touch.

Kodak 400TX Caffenol Test

As you know I’ve been doing a lot of testing with Caffenol C in preparation for my book The Photographer’s Coffee Break but this morning I needed to run a quick test with Caffenol (no C) and Kodak 400TX… the results are really nice. With the Caffenol you get a usable film speed around 100 with nice contrast and grain… what’s not to like? Additionally, I have been spending time testing different methods to eliminate edge density which is very common on Caffenol and Caffenol C processed films- this morning I think I nailed it… more testing this afternoon but this image had no edge density which my previous tests with this film and others did have.

Kodak 400TX Caffenol Process

Stay tuned…

Viva la Revolution-


The Caffenol Page is Live

The Official Caffenol and Caffenol C Page here on Figital Revolution is now live! Over the next few months this page will provide updates on the status of The Photographer’s Coffee Break, the book, as well as provide links to interesting articles and images using the Caffenol process elsewhere on the web.

The official web address is easy…. or

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Fuji Acros at EI 1600, Caffenol C Process

I just finished tweaking the Acros in Caffenol C and yes an EI of 1600 is very possible, as the sample image below shows… 3200 is just a tad past my liking but for some shots it would be usable. Click on both images to see a larger view.

The dark barn boards above the windows were placed at Zone 3… they were EV 0. The detail outside the window fell on Zone 14. The detail image below is a 3″ x 3″ crop from a 20″ x 20″ print… pretty impressive.

My metering technique for these images is a stripped-down Zone approach that will be outlined in some detail in my next book The Photographers Coffee Break … I feel it fits the Caffenol C process quite well.

The Photographers Coffee Break Question

As I have mentioned here on FR I am in the process of putting together a book called The Photographers Coffee Break which will outline my technique for the Caffenol C process as well as considerations and techniques for scanning, PS imagework and printing. So, I’ve decided to ask the question… what format would you like to see The Photographers Coffee Break take: Book, PDF Downloadable Book, Book and PDF option, Video (DVD) or online Video… I’m just looking for some feedback here. SO PLEASE VOTE BELOW!

My plan is to make the final version- whatever form it may take- both informative and affordable. And don’t forget: sales of The Photographers Coffee Break will help support this web site and its content!

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Kodak BW400CN Processed in Caffenol C

The testing continues… BW400CN (C-41) by Kodak processed in my tweaked Caffenol C… the testing for this film is almost done… usable EI is around EI 50 – 400 / 800 all with the same processing time! Grain has a nice defined presence but not overpowering. A big advantage to this material beyond the flexability of the EI as mentioned above is the fact that is has fantastic reciprocity characteristics (no compensation required till 120 seconds) and it is very easy to scan on almost any scanner.

Below is a sample image shot with my Leica MP with a 28mm lens – the EI for this shot is 200. The dark barn board above the doors was placed at Zone 3… the light snow outside which has full detail is Zone 16!! This is a straight scan with minor adjustments in PS for contrast / levels… more soon.

Here is an example just for comparision of the same test shot on Kodak Tmax 400 processed in PMK using the technique outline here… instant coffee is looking pretty dam good!

Note: both shots were done using only natural light.