The Caffenol Page is Live

The Official Caffenol and Caffenol C Page here on Figital Revolution is now live! Over the next few months this page will provide updates on the status of The Photographer’s Coffee Break, the book, as well as provide links to interesting articles and images using the Caffenol process elsewhere on the web.

The official web address is easy…. or

Viva la Revolution-


12 thoughts on “The Caffenol Page is Live

  1. Unless “coffee” is a conjugated verb and “break” as an adverb, “The Photographers Coffee Break” could do with an appropriately placed apostrophe.

  2. Hello Stephen,

    the addition of European units like g for weight or °C for temperture in your book will be highly appreciated.
    Thanks for your efforts.

  3. Stephen,

    Just to be “safe”, I assume you’ll include scanning info for things like the Nikon and Epson scanners?


  4. Thanks! Just wanted to be sure we wouldn’t be reading something like: “…and then place your wet-mounted negative in your Tango….” 🙂

  5. I was just about to send an email loaded with questions for how to use this stuff. I think I can wait a little longer for the book. Thanks so much for the information.

    Also any thoughts you can give about the state of scanner technology would be nice. What did you find out from Nikon?

    1. I am busy putting together my notes so everything is on track for the book… it may come out sooner but I’m not sure… as to Nikon I have not heard anything yet but I will check again with my connection tomorrow.


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