The Photographers Coffee Break Question

As I have mentioned here on FR I am in the process of putting together a book called The Photographers Coffee Break which will outline my technique for the Caffenol C process as well as considerations and techniques for scanning, PS imagework and printing. So, I’ve decided to ask the question… what format would you like to see The Photographers Coffee Break take: Book, PDF Downloadable Book, Book and PDF option, Video (DVD) or online Video… I’m just looking for some feedback here. SO PLEASE VOTE BELOW!

My plan is to make the final version- whatever form it may take- both informative and affordable. And don’t forget: sales of The Photographers Coffee Break will help support this web site and its content!

Viva la Revolution-


6 thoughts on “The Photographers Coffee Break Question

  1. I would like to be able to purchase a pdf that I can take to Kinko’s or other office place abd get a spiral bound “book” that I can flip through, and use as reference.

  2. Always nice to have a physical book to hold I think, I don’t buy many photography books but I do buy the ones that count for me of which I’m more than sure this new one will be. Mind, .pdf option is always handy too so voted for that combo myself.

  3. Hello Stephen. I’ve been going through your blog (and have thoroughly enjoyed it), but unless I’ve overlooked it somewhere you never outlined your own personal Caffenol-C technique or your refined personal recipe. If this is posted somewhere could you point me to it? If not, would you mind sharing? I would greatly appreciate it. Reinhold’s blog is excellent, among many others, and the Caffenol Cookbook is great, but I’d really like to try as many tried and proven recipes and techniques as possible; and I’d say yours is very much proven to be beyond exceptional. Anyways, thanks for your time and all the excellent information you’ve shared on this blog. Your work is truly inspiring. Keep up the Figital Revolution!

    1. Sorry to say I have not shared my Caffenol info… While I still use from time to time and include it in workshops I have not yet posted an article here on FR with all the info… perhaps this winter.

      1. Thanks for the reply, Stephen. If you do find the time to make a post this winter detailing your personal recipe and method that would be awesome. I’m sure many others are interested in your approach as well. I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled on the blog. And once again, thanks for all the valuable information you continue to share.

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