Motion Pictures- Schaub Exhibition at Helmholz Fine Art

Helmholz Fine Art is proud to present Motion Pictures, a new solo show by artist Stephen Schaub, featuring a suite of brand new works on a monumental scale, running from July 10th to July 18th

In a special one-night only event July 15 from 5:00 to 7:30pm Schaub will give a short presentation on the body of work which utilizes ground-breaking techniques of his own invention.

These unique, one-of-a-kind images explore themes of perception,memory, and the passage of time. Planes of focus shift, subjects come forward and recede. Much like the works of cubism and pointillism, one experiences the artworks differently depending on one’s vantage point.Schaub’s artworks have been described as “art dreaming about itself.”

Now Free! Figital Revolution Manifesto PDF Download

In celebration the revolution’s ten year anniversary, I have decided to post the Figital Revolution Manifesto book as a free PDF download. (The print copy is no longer available for purchase online.) Written in 2007 and admittedly snarky and over the top, I am struck by the fact that, despite so many changes in the industry, the book is entirely still relevant today! I want to thank my wife, Eve Ogden Schaub as my co-author… she has moved onto bigger projects like her book Year of No Sugar which went viral… and her next book is due out in January 2017 so stay tuned.

Book Link:


Viva la Revolution-



Vivian Maier’s Work in Question



It’s an area that most artists don’t understand and is almost as confusing as knowing your rights as a photographer.

Very good article from the New York Times:

“Under federal copyright law, owning a photograph’s negative or a print is distinct from owning the copyright itself. The copyright owner controls whether images can be reproduced and sold.” – From the New York Times, Sept 5, 2014

Another interesting article on the financial reality of being an artist today:

Viva la Revolution- Stephen


Year Of No Sugar

A very funny and informative book written by my wife Eve O. Schaub on our family’s grand adventure to go a year with no added sugar in our diet. A Year Of No Sugar ok… a Year Of No Film… no way!!














Some recent PR for Year Of No Sugar

Here is a video I did on The Great Sugar Hunt… over 133,000 plays and counting!

More info can be found at: