Vivian Maier’s Work in Question



It’s an area that most artists don’t understand and is almost as confusing as knowing your rights as a photographer.

Very good article from the New York Times:

“Under federal copyright law, owning a photograph’s negative or a print is distinct from owning the copyright itself. The copyright owner controls whether images can be reproduced and sold.” – From the New York Times, Sept 5, 2014

Another interesting article on the financial reality of being an artist today:

Viva la Revolution- Stephen


Year Of No Sugar

A very funny and informative book written by my wife Eve O. Schaub on our family’s grand adventure to go a year with no added sugar in our diet. A Year Of No Sugar ok… a Year Of No Film… no way!!














Some recent PR for Year Of No Sugar

Here is a video I did on The Great Sugar Hunt… over 133,000 plays and counting!

More info can be found at: 

New Leica T System Camera

Here are my thoughts: meh! I’m not even going to post a picture. Why? Because it depresses me too much.

Give me my M4 any day. This new T System  is yet another example of Leica tying to compete with Fuji and Sony, which is a very bad idea long term.

Now back to making pictures which is what you should be doing instead of reading this post… enough already with the endless camera upgrade drool…

Viva la Revolution- Stephen