Film Testing

So I very recently got a Leica MP Black Paint a la carte with a matching black paint Leica 35mm F2 ASPH Summicron… Nice! But what film? I’ve been shooting a lot of 4×5 film recently, mainly Kodak 160 Portra and there is NO way a 35mm negative was going to give me the tonality or depth of color that I had grown acustomed to. So what to do?!

Here are the results of my first tests…. Kodak 400TX processed 1:100 at 68F for 20 minutes with gentle agitation every 3 minutes. The negatives when scanned on my Imacon scanner at 6300 dpi were fantastic- I love grain! I made a test print at 28″ x 40″ on Canson Aquarelle 310 on my Epson 9900 using the BW mode and it was spot on. But…. was it perfect? No. ¬†Since this first test I have run many others and now feel that a bit more agitation is needed, perhaps one gentle inversion per minute. I also have ran a test with D76 1:1 using my JOBO and the results were quite nice but the grain was not as crisp as the Rodinal.



So today I am running one last test as I am leaving tomorrow for a week of shooting from FL to VT (will mainly be shooting 4×5 color but want the Leica for my reportage work.

My test today will use PMK developer which I used a lot back in 2006-2007 and I remember how amazing the never ending highlights were…. more as that test concludes.

Viva la Revolution- Stephen

4 thoughts on “Film Testing

  1. Steve, very interested in your results. Before you leaned toward Diafine and TX?. Does Tmax not give you the results which you want?


  2. Great images – looks like a slightly unwilling model! I also shoot a lot of Tri-X (with an M body and lens) and develop in Rodinal (1+25). I print in the darkroom though, and I absolutely love the look (sharpness and grain) of this combination. My scanned images come close but never quite seem to match. Hope you find the results you’re after. Cheers. John

    1. With the amount my wife and kids get asked by me to model I’m lucky I still get to sleep inside! My TX in rodinal is quite nice but so was D76… the PMK I just processed has a very nice look and I am running test scans now….

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