LF Kickstarter – Travelwide 4×5 Camera

Of course not the first camera of this kind and I do worry about the build quality BUT at $100 for the camera (lens and accessories are additional $$$$$$) it is quite interesting.

Travelwide 4x5
Travelwide 4×5


As I said others options do exist and many with a better build quality and additional options, however, anything to keep film and LF alive is cool by me! Ive been shooting a lot of LF in the last few months… but more on that and a review of some LF films and processing options in a few weeks.

Viva la Revolution- Stephen

3 thoughts on “LF Kickstarter – Travelwide 4×5 Camera

  1. Hi Stephen, I’d be interested to know what the other options you mention are, I’ve been keen to try LF photography but finding an affordable way in is the challenge,

    1. There are many many options from a Cambo wide, Fotoman, Many pinhole makers and also the Walker ABS Ilford pinhole and that is made also soon in 8×10…. But the key is affordable. At $100 this is cheap BUT it does not include a lens, you can of course use the enclosed pinhole… And it does not include holders and other LF processing and scanning stuff…. But the body at $100 is cool just know there are more expenses. All of the ones I listed above would cost much more but also have more options and a much higher build quality…

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