The Work You Make Today

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Link to the Robert Frank Video I mention: LINK

5 thoughts on “The Work You Make Today

  1. 2 minutes & 49 seconds with not one single wasted word. Just what I needed to hear. Off to watch that Robert Frank video now, many thanks Stephen for the audio – simple but say’s so much.

      1. I remember seeing the original broadcast in the UK now, that awful part near the beginning when the camera crew ran out of film. I felt sorry for them as they were dealing with a true genius that doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Haha

        Cracking insight into Frank’s life.

  2. Never considered that people were more complicit when the likes of Frank, Bresson and Gene Smith were out photographing. Now a days when I try shooting on the street you have to use all types of deception so people do not know your taking their picture. The funny thing is all I am trying to do is show good and never portray anyone in a bad light. To create a visual poem as Frank did. If people knew the history and work of these great photographers maybe people would relax a little more. But your right Steve, you get so much stink eye now a days because your the jerk with the camera.

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