Fuji Acros Caffenol C EI Range Test

This is really amazing… with  my final tweak the Caffenol C process is giving me Fuji Acros with a usable EI from 25-800… I suspect that 1200 would also be fine… this is all with the same processing time / technique. The scan was a s straight scan with no sharpening and each image was just set for proper contrast in PS… wow!

Wait till you see the TMAX 100… I’ll post it tomorrow, it is equally amazing.

Viva la Revolution-


12 thoughts on “Fuji Acros Caffenol C EI Range Test

  1. Impressive! You’re convincing me even more to get hold of your book when its finished (I have your first book and enjoyed that)! 🙂

  2. I have been thoroughly enjoying all your accounts of caffenol-C testing, but this one with Acros is the one I have been most anticipating! That’s because I have been getting some surprising results with this combination myself, and it is nice to see someone else confirming it. 🙂

    What struck me most with my particular concoction (still being tweaked) was how sharp and nearly grain free the results were at an EI of 25. In fact it was better than my results with Efke 25, even when using “real” developers like HC110. I am trying to see if I can make this work as my standard combination for slow speed “serious” landscape work.

    Keep up the good work. I can’t wait to see your tweaked recipe, and what you’re finding regarding development times, agitation regimen, etc. I might just have to buy the book when it comes out! 🙂

  3. Stephen,

    These tests and examples are very exciting. I have a mound of exposed film that’s been piling up while I wait for warmer water temperatures to process — maybe some experimentation will be in order. Look forward to the book.


  4. Would you care to say anything about printing traditionally. Which ones of those negatives would be usable and easy to print? Maybe you have density measurements or contrast ratios that you can tell us about for those negs?

    1. I’m not testing for traditional darkroom printing as this is designed as a hybrid process but I would say the 400TX and the Fuji Acros would be my first choice… the only film that would be just way to flat for darkroom work for most cases would be Kodak Tmax 100… but it scans great.


  5. Stephen:

    You never wrote the book on your Caffenol recipe, right? Any chance you could post the formula you used to develop the photos in this post?


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