A Creative Day- Day 2

Today I did finish my client work first and still had time to scan and complete 2 more images from my roll from yesterday…

In The Willow, Vermont. 2009
Dark Sky, Spring, Vermont. 2009

Viva la Revolution- Stephen

Tech Stuff:

  • Both images were shot with a Leica M7 with a 28mm F32 Zone Plate on Ilford XP2 Super at an EI of 800- in camera overlapping frame panoramic technique, 3X.
  • Scanned on an Imacon Scanner
  • Printed on the d’Vinci Printer as a d’Vinci Noir Print.
  • Edition size: One
  • Copyright Stephen Schaub 2009

3 thoughts on “A Creative Day- Day 2

  1. Hi Stephen

    This is beautiful work and I love how the work maintains your unique “visual signature” and still pushes the envelope of exploration.

    I have one question: you seem to “focus” beautifully with the zone plate, how do you, how did you determine an optimal distance from your subject matter so that the image has this dreamy and not “mushy” quality? Do you shoot test images at different distances and then determine what seems to be an optimal setting?

    1. Maro- thank you for your very nice comment! I found from testing that images of high contrast always have the best clarity with a zone plate and getting close helps maintain the detail- the Zone Plate I am using is a 28mm so getting close is a must! The focus is a like a pinhole, everything is in focus regardless of the distance, but again awareness to contrast and small detail contrast is a must. I have just made two images using color for this process which I will post later today/ tomorrow.


  2. Dark Sky is just beautiful — emotional, spiritual. I love it.

    I don’t know what a zone plate is though, so I’m off to learn something new. 🙂

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