A Creative Day – Day 3

I’ve completed my inital testing of Fuji 800Z with the 28mm Zone Plate on my M7… I like the results but I can tell you that getting a good negative/ scan that has decent contrast and PS techniques to keep shadow and highlight detail and enhance local contrast ain’t no small thing! I wish I could find some faster color negative material that that still had good color but it seems that Pro 800 and 800Z are my best bets for now. One thing I really love about the BW images is how the very nature of a black and white image abstracts in a way the color does not and I think this works very well with these images. Thoughts?

Spring Sunset, Indian Hill, Vermont. 2009
Spring Sunset, Indian Hill, Vermont. 2009

Yellow Leaves at Sunset, Vermont. 2009

10 thoughts on “A Creative Day – Day 3

  1. I see the appeal of the abstraction with black and white, but with the zone plate it can seem a little spooky or weird, Maybe it’s the double layer of abstraction from a softer image, and the loss of color, but sometimes it seems a little like the redscale aesthetic.

    Especially with the top image above, color isn’t really all that representational, and really resolves the composition.

  2. I have to say that I’m really diggin’ this set so far. Your decision to use the zone plate really brings the images to life. However the colour images really stand out compared to the black and white images you’ve shown in your previous posts. Colour gives the images a nice, dream-like quality, or at least I think so.

  3. For me B&W works better with the zone plate; it becomes more abstract, more about shapes, more about the composition and the light…. even the more abrupt transitions between overlapping frames seem to work better in creating an image that visually draws you in.

    1. I really love the BW as well as there is something about the grey tones on the paper that just feels fantastic… I am looking at P3200 processed in ACU-1 for an EI of 3200 to 6400 as a good solution (800 is just too slow)…


    2. Maro- testing now P3200 and Delta 3200 at and EI of 6400, 12500 and 25000 with Xtol… if it works like it should I will have the increased contrast and it makes pinhole hand holdable as well!!!!


  4. Stephen, that would be fantastic; I have to rush to school to install a show, but you really made my day! I am holding my breath for the results!!!

  5. I’ve been back to look at these several different time. They keep growing on me. I love both the black and white and the color images. I’m sure that the experience is even enhanced when looking at the actual print as opposed to viewing online. At first I thought the lighter sections seemed a bit distracting, but they grew on me. I love the abstract qualities.

    This site always keeps me thinking about photography, trying new things or reinventing the old ones. Thanks!


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