Pocohontas Meets Matt Abelson and Stephen Schaub

Pocohontas Meets Matt Abelson and Stephen Schaub, Brattleboro, VT. 2008

Listen to this exciting interview with Matt Abelson of Abelson Scope Works as he talks about his Pinhole Camera Systems(Hexomniscope, Omniscope and Pinhole Turret). Interview by Stephen Schaub.

Note: The Omniscope is in Matt’s hands (left) and the Hexomniscope is in my hands (right)…Pocohontas is just along for the ride.  Also, as mentioned in the audio blog please post questions to Matt Abelson here in the comment section under this post and I will pass it along to Matt so that the questions and answers can accompany this post for the benefit of all.

Viva la Revolution!!