A Thanksgiving Message

Yes, it’s Thanksgiving 2007 which got me thinking about the last year and what I have to be thankful for (photographically speaking of course.)

1. Film is still being made (YEAH) and seems to be having something of a renaissance.
2. Only one new version of Photoshop to upgrade to in 07 ( I skipped it anyways).
3. No major upgrades required for hardware or software.
4. Most new papers sucked or were rebranded previous offerings so I saved on costly testing and re-testing.
5. Photo Expo Plus in NYC was so boring that very little caught my eye or pocket book (thank god!)
6. My Leica lenses are still king and the new Nikon and Canon offerings are so not for me…no thank you.
7. My printing platform (The d’Vinci Printer) will continue to rock in to 2008 and beyond so no thank you to Mr. Epson, Mr. Canon or Mrs. HP.

So when I stuff my pie hole on Turkey day with too much food and drink and congratulate my self on accomplishments both real and imaginary as a photographer and artist I can also thank the Photographic Industrial Complex for making 2007 one least inspiring technologically and one cheapest years I can remember…now that is something to be really thankful for!

Never Leave Home Without It!

Never leave home without…what? Your credit card? Driver licence? Breath mints?

No, your camera!

I am hereby declaring it a mortal sin to leave home without your camera…it should cause you great physical pain and perhaps even nausea to be without your most beloved tool for too long or to be separated by too great a distance.

Ok, a bit over the top perhaps but this is a serious topic and one that is often overlooked. I, for one, have been working on a kit that will have all necessary gear for most situations (3 lenses, 28mm, 50mm and 90mm), simple flash, camera body (Leica M7), misc accessories plus film (6-10 rolls) and carry in a weather proof bag that does not scream “steal me!”- but at the same time looks good and weighs less than seven pounds…anything over 10 and you will not carry it day in and day out- trust me I’ve tried.

My reasoning for this mandate is simple: without a camera you do not create work, period. Without a camera you as a photographer are worthless.

Now go get your camera…do it NOW! (How’s that for positive life changing motivation?)