BERGGER Pancro 400 with CineStill Df96

A picture is worth a thousand words… so this is going to be a very short review!


Bergger Pancro 400 reminds me a lot of XX by Kodak– it has a very classic long greyscale with just the right amount of grain and amazing highlight control. The quality control is very high, and I love that it’s available in all formats, 35mm through 8×10 sheet film. After extensive testing I have decided to make it my go-to 120 film… yeah it’s that good! In 4×5 the grain is very, very smooth and round. In 120 the grain is there, but very fine and beautiful which I think adds a wonderful depth to the scanned film. As for 35mm? There will be grain, but again it is a classic looking grain, which I love.

So, if you want lifeless, flat, smooth boring film? Bergger Pancro 400 is not for you! This film is classic… and combined with Df96 developer it hits all the right marks.


  1. Rate Bergger Pancro 400 at between 100-325…. I find 200/250 to be the sweet spot if you want full shadow detail. This holds true for all the developers I tested this film with.
  2. CineStill Df96 MonoBath developer produces the very BEST negatives I have seen with this film; it is a perfect combination.
  3. Try pulling the film with Df96… shoot it at 200 and pull 1/2 to 1 stop in development. Note: I did not do that in the sample image above but I could have… it’s a nice way to control high contrast scenes.

Viva la Revolution- Steve

PS- in case you missed it here is a link to the review I did on the CineStill Df96 developer.

5 thoughts on “BERGGER Pancro 400 with CineStill Df96

  1. I’d love to try out this combination. Cinestill mentions this film might require a presoaking and sulphite rinse. What’s your take on this? There is also this quote on their blog stating that “The anti-halation layer mostly came off of the Bergger film, but the monobath was filled with brown sludge and unable to be reused.” Have you experienced that yourself?

    1. I have informed CineStill that they need to update that info…. there is no need for a presoak with Df96 and any film as the presoak will actually hurt the developer…. Pancro 400 needs a presoak with PMK only. I have no idea on the brown sludge… I have only used this film in 120 and 4×5 and it is perfect… I know the 35mm has a different base material so perhaps that is an issue but not sure. With regards to the sulphite rinse… in 120 and 4×5 using the X3 extended time suggested by CineStill the film was perfect with or without the sulfite rinse… I almost always do one by the way, Perma Wash as it is part of my other BW lines and it shortens wash time and saves water.

      1. Thanks a lot for your feedback. I am definitely going to try in on 120 then, and I might give the 35mm a try also when I get close to the end of a bottle.

    1. Bergger is quite amazing with Df96 just be sure to use a longer time as suggested! It is also possible to do a semi stand but that would need more testing….

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