Freezing Fuji FP 100C – One Year Later

And the Results are… Drum Roll Please…


Fuji FP 100 Compare Frozen to Fresh

How To:

I also did shoot all the remaining film and EVERY single sheet was perfect!

No leaking anywhere!



Have a great weekend and Viva la Revolution!


4 thoughts on “Freezing Fuji FP 100C – One Year Later

  1. Hi- I mistakenly put the rest of my Fuji 3000 speed and 100 Speed film in my freezer for the past six months. It only struck me recently to look up if freezing would actually be the opposite of beneficial to storing. I came across this article and nothing has made me feel more relieved. However, I’ve been reading both ends of the spectrum. How do you feel the 3000 will hold up in comparison to the 100 speed color as shown in your article? I used one of the 100 speed black-and-white packs just a few days after I had put it in the freezer. It had a 24 hour period out of the freezer before shooting the film but I didn’t put it in the fridge to thaw :/ When the film developed it had these loose white lines on the image which I am assuming is either from freezing it in general or the fact that I didn’t put it in the fridge to thaw? I have them laying flat stacked not vertical :/ At first I thought maybe there was something on my rollers but now after reading your article it may be busted pods? Not too sure what it looks like when you use film that has pods which has burst. As well as the best way to go about storing them now that they have already been frozen for a decent amount of time. Thoughts? Thank you for your amazing insight on current film photography!

    1. The 3000 will suffer more from Fog as a result of cosmic rays and will also loose some speed over time. Not sure about the white lines as I have never experienced that. I doubt the pods have burst BUT anything is possible. As for the future— I would just keep frozen and thaw in the fridge before going to room temp. Hope this helps.
      Cheers- Steve

  2. Hi Steve!
    I know this is outdated a bit, but I just came across this article and I have a question.
    Did you finally do the freezing experiment with the fuji instax wide as you mentioned above?
    If yes, what did you found?
    Any informations would be really helpful.
    All the best!

    1. Have had some frozen for years and works great—- I do a step down from
      Freezer to refrigerator for a few days then to room temp and has always worked for me.

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