New Kodak Porta 400 Review Part 1

As promised my review of the NEW Kodak Portra 400 speed film. Click on the audio button to listen to Part 1.

Technical Info on sample images below:

  • New Kodak Portra 400, 35mm.
  • Scanned on an Imacon Scanner, no sharpening applied
  • Photoshop adjustments basic to include levels and spotting.
New Kodak Portra 400, EI 400. Click for a larger image.
New Kodak Porta 400, EI 400. Click for a larger image.
New Kodak Porta 400, EI 400. 5"x 5" crop from 20" x 30".

Also here is a recent artwork of mine made using the Kodak Porta 400 and the Overlapping Frame Panoramic Technique I outlined here some time ago… but now with a tweak!… Print size up to 32″ x 90″!

Cape Cod, 2010. Copyright Stephen Schaub 2010

Viva la Revolution- Stephen

6 thoughts on “New Kodak Porta 400 Review Part 1

  1. So how do you really feel about portra 400, Stephen? 🙂

    It is a heckuva film. I’ve shot a roll of this alongside a roll each of Portra 400VC and 400NC, at identical subjects and light conditions, basically changing film backs and making identical exposures of each subject. I hope to have this review organized and posted in a week or so.

    Your point is well taken about why bother to compare this new film to its obsolete, superseded ancestors. Mainly, I wanted to give photographers—and myself—some guidance about where this film fits along the saturation/sharpness/contrast gradient across the Portra product line. Of course, you just gotta try it, ultimately.

    I think Portra 400 and Ektar 100 will be my mainstay films. I think P-400 is fine grained enough that the 160 Portras are looking almost superfluous. (I wonder how long they’re going to be around….)

    Nice review, Stephen. And thanks again for the “material” help you rendered!

  2. Michael- I am really looking forward to your review of the material and I think many may find the old to new side by side helpful if only to let them know that Kodak is not screwing them with some new film. I agree that trying the film yourself if always best. My third post in this series ( yes now there will be three) will be a side by side with Fuji 400H…. that should be fun!!

    Cheers and keep me posted!- Stephen

  3. The kitchen sink shot is a great illustration of why I love film. You’re able to hold highlight detail outside that’s wayyy brighter than the subject lighting. Digital can’t do that unless you resort to HDR.

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