Print Surface Expectations

Retouching Hand
Kodak Retouching Dyes

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A quick audio blog on how our expectations of a perfect print surface has changed from traditional wet darkroom spotted prints to todays digital prints. Click on the audioblog logo to listen…

Note on image: I use my hand to adjust the brush tip on my spotting brush to a perfect point and to make sure that the flow of dye is perfect.

TIP: If you want to try to spot a digital print, one suggestion is to save the left over ink in your catridges and use them for spotting instead of traditional spotting dyes.

5 thoughts on “Print Surface Expectations

  1. Great point Stephen.
    First of all I would like to tell you this is a great website / concept. After finding it yesterday, I was inspired to go out and shoot a couple rolls of HP5 through my Dad’s Hasselblad and one through my Diana. After developing them a few minutes ago I realise how much of the process you are missing through digital photography, even with the DSLR’s of today.
    Print retouching is something I will have to try, but unfortunately, fewer and fewer people are adopting the one print to a photo technique, and will be inclined to simply print off a new photo instead of fixing existing ones with today’s advancing printing technologies.
    The upside to this is that with these advances, it is easier, and cheaper mind you, for us to make adjustments and reprint a more satisfing image than it has been in the past.
    Now if only they would drop the prices on printer ink…

    1. It would be nice to see ink at a reasonable price but that is where all the profit is… most printers are sold at near cost… the ink in high end printers can cost your close to $8000 per gallon… cost to the company is less than $10 per gallon…

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