The Leica M9… Coming Very Soon So Hide Your Wallet!

Ok… my birthday is only a few days away but somehow I don’t think this new Leica M9 made my wife’s shopping list… damn! If Leica fixed all that was missing in the M8 (which I am sure they did… fingers crossed) this would be the first digital camera I could be excited about in quite some time… of course it will cost an arm and a leg but thats nothing new in Leica-land. I for one will be tuning in on September 9 to see all that is new… will I consider buying one if everything is perfect?… not any time soon as I love the look of scanned film and my wife would KILL me if I spent that kind of money in this economy… I have kids after all!

Below is the promo teaser for the live broadcast release:

Link to Lecia for more info.

7 thoughts on “The Leica M9… Coming Very Soon So Hide Your Wallet!

  1. I myself can’t wait to see it but at 21, unemployed, and still studying in school— I can only hope I win the lottery to afford one 😦

    Ever since I started using film, I was never this excited to hear about a new digital camera except this one– I hope Leica delivers big time 😀

  2. For the first time in my life I’m considering taking on a bank robbery operation, I *have* to have an M9! Anybody know how much you can get for selling a kidney in the UK as an alternative to the bank robbery? LOL 😀

    Reality is I’m never going to own one sadly at that price. Very interesting piece on M9 sales in the UK and Pro’s switching from DSLR’s here:-

    I see so many people these day’s with stupid great Lowepro backpack’s on with their back almost bent over double trying to haul a ridiculous amount of gear around with them that they never end up using I have to stop and have a chuckle at them as I carry a rangefinder around on either my “Y-Strap” or “Wrist Wonder” with my tiny light canvas bag carrying a mere one or two small lenses and a few rolls of film that are still more than enough to cope with my photographic needs. So yeah, maybe some people that are dumb enough to buy and hulk all this heavy DSLR gear around with them without actually really needing it but do just because they can afford it might in future actually think about their photography and will end up carrying around an M9 + 50/35/90 if for no other reason than the fact that it’s the “in thing” camera & system for the first time in decades.

    Old HCB must be having a chuckle in his grave right now I’d wager! Well done Leica. LOL 🙂

  3. stephen

    i test shot the new M9 in september in tokyo

    full frame was awesome. i found the color and AWB/white balance a bit dodgy. in mixed lighting the AWB was strange. i’m not a fan of the kodak CCD.

    the best would be canon CMOS in the leica body

    hehe !

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