The Leica M9… Coming Very Soon So Hide Your Wallet!

Ok… my birthday is only a few days away but somehow I don’t think this new Leica M9 made my wife’s shopping list… damn! If Leica fixed all that was missing in the M8 (which I am sure they did… fingers crossed) this would be the first digital camera I could be excited about in quite some time… of course it will cost an arm and a leg but thats nothing new in Leica-land. I for one will be tuning in on September 9 to see all that is new… will I consider buying one if everything is perfect?… not any time soon as I love the look of scanned film and my wife would KILL me if I spent that kind of money in this economy… I have kids after all!

Below is the promo teaser for the live broadcast release:

Link to Lecia for more info.