Photography in 90 Seconds or Why I Love Instant Film – Part 1

Fuji FP100C, Polaroid 110B Modified Camera, Vermont. 2009

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Click on the Audio Blog logo to listen to a 4 minute introduction on Instant Photography (Polaroid and Fuji instant films) and the hybrid workflow. This post is an introduction to the upcoming multi part video series here on Figital Revolution so stay tuned.

Artwork Links mentioned in Audio….

Plus- stay tuned for my newest artworks made using instant materials to released later this fall. The show at Indian Hill Imageworks is tentatively scheduled to open on October 3, 2009… more information on that soon as well!

Viva la Revolution- Stephen

13 thoughts on “Photography in 90 Seconds or Why I Love Instant Film – Part 1

  1. hi stepen,
    love the podcasts.
    realy love instant photography, got some 80 type viva and chocolate for my holga and 600 for my slr 680, also got a polaroid image and a fuji instax 100.

    the best of these instant films is that you can see the picture come to life as where you in the darkroom.

    1. Just modified my vintage Diana Camera to accept the new Instax Diana back… took 3 hours and a bit of work but the results are very different from the new Diana F+ camera…. more etherial…


      PS- I use to use a lot of Polaroid 600 Matt film for my Haiku Artworks…

  2. Hi Stephen,

    Heard you on Inside Analog Photo with Scott Sheppard. Very happy to see you also embrace the Polaroid format. Please visit my blog, covering all things Polaroid, at Thanks for helping to keep analog such a wonderful, viable artform.

    Greetings from Massachusetts,


    1. I very much embraced Polaroid as I was one of their featured artists on their web site… Loved their material but hate the new Impossible Project “film”… I have 18 boxes of good SX-70 in my fridge… thinking about selling on Ebay as I mainly now use the Fuji Instant material….

  3. Stephen-

    Totally with you on TIP films. I have used the ones for the SX-70, Spectra, and 600 series cameras. None of them with decent results. While what those folks are doing is admirable, the films just are not there yet. I LOVE my Fuji pack films, and Polaroid 300/Instax Mini films. They are gorgeous.

    Original Polaroid films are selling for lots of money online. I have been very reluctant to try, as you never know if the owner really did store it well.

    Hope you will check my blog out- it is truly out of love for the format.


    1. I will check it out this evening… I got my Polaroid from Barbara at the Polaroid Collections and it has been in the fridge… tested yesterday and still very good… I also have a lot of Fuji 3000B instant film… 40 boxes I think… was shooting it in a modified 110B…

  4. Stephen- do you still stay in touch with Barbara Hitchcock? I have been speaking with the folks at the MIT Museum about helping them catalog and archive their Polaroid artifacts (They have thousands of them) . Wondering if she has any connections there, as I haven’t heard back from their curator in a while as to the status of the project.



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