My Grandfathers Camera Bag


AudioBlog LogoThis audioblog focuses on cameras that span generations and what a family camera can mean… but is this inheritability the exclusive province of the analog camera? Give a listen.

5 thoughts on “My Grandfathers Camera Bag

  1. Hi

    I agree with you, “inheriting” a camera is a fantastic event because it’s not just an object, it’s kind of a tool and a companion.

    A pity that with most modern cameras that’s simply not possible. Even the greatest digital camera will be discontinued, and so will its batteries, etc.

    Nice blog and viva la revolucion!

  2. Nice audio Stephen, reminds me very much indeed of my Grandfather doing the same for me many years ago and was responsible I guess for getting me started in photography.

    I was 13, I had no camera and had just joined my schools photography club. Like so many I was hooked after watching a classmate show me the ropes for the very first time inside the darkroom and the magic of watching that image appear on B&W paper for the very first time inside that tray of developer had me instantly hooked.

    My Grandfather (Who lived us at the time) could see how hooked I was and gave me his own pride & joy to use, now this was now SLR but only a very humble Konica C35 but it was akin to winning the lottery at the time and started me out on a journey I am still travelling. So yeah, I shall be ever grateful for that without any doubt at all and always remember it fondly even though it’s some 30+ years ago now. I soon moved onto a Canon EF SLR after a few years of saving but unlike the EF and so many other cameras after that I still have that little Konica C35 to this day.

  3. I had a similar experience a few months ago with my father. After showing him the new Pentax K200D i had bought, he dug a Pentax ME Super out of the bottom of a milk crate full of tools (I still cringe at the thought), and gave it to me. I had it repaired, and it shoots like a charm!

    It’s a real treat to be able to shoot with a camera that both of my parents used when I was a child. I definitely plan to give this one to a future generation.

    Also, passing down digital cameras is still very much possible, assuming you have one that takes AA batteries. The memory card might be a problem, though.

  4. Stephen,

    Thanks for the audio post, my dad passed his cameras onto my brother and myself three weeks before he passed on four years ago. I wound up with a Nikon F and Leica M3 with some lenses and my brother wound up with a Topcon, Nikkormat Ftn and Leica IIIG.

    All these cameras got overhauled and get used, I use my F and M3 often as I have a lot of happy childhood memories tied up in those cameras.

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