The Figital Revolution at 250,000

That’s right! The FR is now at over 250,000 hits and I am busy working on several new articles to include:

1. Film selection for Pinhole Photography
2. How to Talk to Your Printer
3. Rodinal Standing Development and TMY-2
4. How Small is Your Tripod
5. The Zero Image 612F and Zero Image 2000 Camera Hands On Review

Plus a rant or two… or three…

I am traveling the next few days so stay tuned!!!

Viva la Revolution-


7 thoughts on “The Figital Revolution at 250,000

  1. Looking forward to reading the new articles Stephen.

    Just one thing, I’ve been trying to order a “Wrist Wonder” since yesterday and the ordering site of the site/Indian Hill seems to be down as does the contact form so hope you don’t mind me mentioning it here as I don’t know how else to get in touch. Many thanks.

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