Thoughts on the New Mega-Pixel Monsters

The Mega-Pixel wars are still hot with the introduction of Hasselblad’s new 50MP Digital Back (H3DII-50) and Phase One’s new 60MP Digital Back (P65+)…but, really, who is the market for these new bleeding-edge systems? Does anyone really need 60MP? Can anyone besides my dentist really afford it? Click on the audio logo for more! By Stephen Schaub.

2 Responses

  1. I work in a commercial photo studio as a post-production digital artist. We have 2 P45s and 2 1DS MRKIIIs. We do a lot of beverage photography, mostly for Miller Brewing. Most of our beer shots are done using 8×10 cameras with a stitch back. We get requests for 46inches @ 300ppi. Also, we are pressed with deadlines that would be impossible to hit shooting film. Now you do know of someone who does need and will get the P65+ when they are released.

    The issue we are hitting with the p45 (39MP) is that is is out resolving our lenses (similar to if you overscan an image) We are looking into some of the new view camera lenses that have been upped to perform better in the digital world.

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