Super-Size Me! What’s Up with Big Digital SLRs?

Is it just me or are cameras getting really big…I mean SUV big? Have you also noticed your aunt Minnie now carries one of these beasts for her casual pictures of roses and nephew Timmy? So… what gives? Click on the audio logo for a 6 minute thought-provoking discussion on the enigma by Stephen Schaub.

4 thoughts on “Super-Size Me! What’s Up with Big Digital SLRs?

  1. I agree, though I can’t say that I’m any better. I currently have an Olympus C5050Z which I purchased shortly after it came out. I have the small FL-20 flash because I used to take pictures while I was at Raves/Clubs and post them on a website and I found it useful to have the external flash for speed sake.

    I’ve been contemplating replacing it with an Olympus E-520 and start out with the 14-54mm F2.8-3.5 lens, and then later on get a bigger zoom if I ever think I need one. I just can’t seem to find a camera that’s worth replacing my 5050 over though.

    I print 4×6’s normally, mostly my pics are screen viewed. I have full manual controls and never use the viewfinder, always the LCD or simply point and hope for the best. I can’t seem to think of any reason other than I’m greedy to get an E-520 over something mor practical like you’re G9 suggestion, or some other full featured P/S.

    Since I never liked taking pictures (I’d say photography, but that’s not what I do 😉 ) before having the 5050 it’s been a really great camera for learning on how to control my settings, and how to figure out which settings will take the best picture. I’d really like the ability to pick a lense for the scenario too, butI doubt I’d use much more than the single lens if I got the 14-54mm one mentioned above. If that’s the case, why not just get a P/S with a built on lens that can take a telephoto accessory lens in a pinch? (Kind of like my C5050Z).

  2. I also agree. I am an Olympus shooter and went to the Oly SLR system with the hopes of the promise of 4/3’s living up to it’s promise of a smaller form factor. Well, as a part time pro I bought an E3 to replace my E1, it is quite large and not the easiest to travel with. I like the thought of having a “travel” SLR, therefore the E420 fit the bill perfectly. Not to mention the “Y-Strap” is the perfect companion. Thanks for the thoughts, they are right on.

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