It’s the Print That Matters

By Stephen M. Schaub

Morning Quickie…

I heard over and over needless concern from fine art photographers about which media to print on and which media is accepted by the industry and which is not. This disturbs me as we are talking about a work of ART and not something which can easily or should necessarly even fit into a neat category or process. If your work is printed on canvas, hand-made paper or Saran Wrap who cares as long as it is the correct media for your work. Collectors buy work based on what they love. Archival is nice but way overemphasized by photographers- brilliant color and deep blacks can be great but it depends on the work. If archival was king Pollock wouldn’t have sold a thing.

In the end it is your work, not a gallery’s or publisher’s or anyone else’s- it is up to you to decide how it is printed and displayed…let the Photo Industrial Complex and the ART world control this part of our medium and I think I’ll take up lawn mowing for a living.

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