Another Week Goes Bye!

It’s been an exciting week here in Vermont…I have been testing a new (new to me) film by Fuji (Acros 100, 120mm) in PMK developer for purposes of scanning and the results have been outstanding! And if the almost-not-there grain and beautiful creamy highlights are not enough for you consider the amazing reciprocity failure (or lack of it) this film has…no compensation necessary for long exposures until 120 seconds (2 minutes to most of us)… and no development change to boot. WOW! I will post examples in a few days but for now go order this film so we can keep it in production! No really, go buy this film NOW!

Almost forgot to mention that the packaging and handing of this film is really sweet…no band to lick thanks to Fuji’s peal-off sealer on 120mm film…very cul, very Japanese.

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