Sharpness and Grain…Diafine Processed Films Compared!

Here is something which is pretty straightforward and yet VERY interesting….a simple test target made by me to determine film sharpness and grain when processed in Diafine:

  • Lens to subject distance 55″
  • Leica M7 with a 90mm Elmarit F2.8 shot at F8
  • On a tripod with cable release.
  • Lighting, Wescott Spider Lights (5500 K)
  • All scan done on an Imacon Scanner (Wet Mount) 6300 optical dpi, 16 Bit.

Just click on the images below and check out the enlargement…the full size image (these are 35mm scanned negatives btw) would be 16″x 25″ at 360 dpi (optical resolution). No sharpening has been applied to the images but I did “try” to make them look as good as possible using levels and a little (I must stress the word little) noise reduction.

So what are your thoughts!?