CatLABS X Film 320 is Kodak 5222 Double-X

I really dislike it when film or paper is sold under a different name and the identity is kept “secret.” This is now the case with CatLABS X 320 Film which is- in fact- Kodak 5222 Double X film– one of my favorite films in 35mm… but not like this. I purchased three rolls for testing hoping to find a new emulsion to love but instead I spend time and money for nothing. How can I be so sure?… Check out the imprint on the side of the film.

So now that the “cat” is out of the bag I’m off to do some shooting on a beautiful Vermont day.

Viva la Revolution-



7 thoughts on “CatLABS X Film 320 is Kodak 5222 Double-X

  1. Yeah a lot of people, from KosmoFoto to AGFAPhoto (and Lomography?) to this, just repackaging another film, don’t see the point and why we should support them, just buy the original! At least Japan Camera Hunter has resurrected an old AGFA film discontinued 20 years ago, and they’re a lot more transparent about the whole process.

  2. Could it be that Eastman Kodak is not allowed to sell directly to consumers following the spin-off of Alaris (owning consumer distribution)? I agree there is not much value added for 35mm than you can buy in bulk and load, but Catlabs proposes also larger formats that are not available to consumers directly today.

  3. Thanks for this info. At first I thought this catlabs film was FOMA Retro Pan 320. Double X was mainly a cinematographer’s film. Which is why you see the Eastman motion picture division name on the film rebate. “Kodak” has always been the still film and amateur film division. As for renaming film, that has been going on forever. Or at least since the “Seattle Film Works” rebranded Eastman color motion picture films for consumers.

  4. I suspected this at the announcement. I mean, how is it that CatLabs manages a new emulsion without any fanfare or fundraising? But I was assured by many online it was “new”. So I ordered some rolls to see. Should arrive in a few days.
    I’m actually glad it is XX, as I like that film a lot, and now I’ll know how to process it!
    I just wish they could have been straightforward with us all.

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