The End of Fuji 100c

F-You Fuji!

Not much more to add….  off to the cape to shoot for a few days. I’m not bringing ANY Fuji material—

Viva la Revolution- Steve


2 thoughts on “The End of Fuji 100c

  1. I understand your frustration Steve, but a company like Fuji makes these decisions based on profits and cash flow. Best way to ensure Velvia will disappear too is to quite buying it.

    I have a goodly amount of 35mm and 120 Fuji in my freezer but methinks its about time to go buy some more. Not because I’m afraid they will quit making it, but just to do my part to ensure they wont.

    Just saying…

    Oh, and enjoy your weekend shooting!

    1. I know it’s all about money but as an artist that is part of my problem with the photo industrial complex— Fuji has been on a roll recently with ending products I love– putting my money in companies that are maintaining or expanding their analog offerings?

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