New Kodak Super 8 Camera

Very cool!

Screen shot 2016-01-05 at 3.35.28 PM

“This is no longer the classic script of a war of digital versus analog,” Mr. Clarke said. “What it really is now is the complementary characteristics of both.” — Jeff Clarke, Kodak’s Chief Executive


3 thoughts on “New Kodak Super 8 Camera

  1. For a moment I was checking whether this might be an early April’s Fool joke… This is great. I am not a Super 8 user but I like Kodak’s attitude! Capitalising on the film renaissance movement, being bold and showing some pride in their roots. The product itself looks slick and well designed.

    1. Now if we could just get the still film division undo something bold and exciting which I have been suggesting to them for some years now it would change the visibility and perception of film as vibrant, alive and relevant in the mind of shooters…..

      1. Agreed. As I have said before we need manufacturers to enter, or re-enter, the film camera market again or we will have to rely on decades-old machines, prices going up and thus preventing new photogs from starting with film. Not a problem now, but in ten, fifteen years it might look different

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