Sadly, Leica Has Lost Its Mind

While watching this video the word Photography did not come to mind…. the words pretentious, obnoxious, stupid and misleading did. Over-the-top promotions like this are nothing but porn for the cult of Leica and make me fear for their survival as a viable tool.

The lie that runs at the heart of this video is offensive: Leica invented “photography”? What kind of revisionist history is that? Many of the images featured here were shot using 4×5 cameras- which came out of the studio LONG before Leica came on the scene.

It’s too bad, because recreating these iconic images from photographic history is an interesting idea. But twisted to their own ends, Leica just ends up tipping their hand: they’re looking desperate.

Viva la Revolution- Stephen

PS- Article number two to make the new prestigious Numbnuts category!


2 thoughts on “Sadly, Leica Has Lost Its Mind

  1. I have to say it made me cringe a little, then a lot, in fact it was one of those moments when you have to watch through your fingers, despite the fact that the ad itself is actually very well made.

    I have to wonder if this was commissioned by Leica Camera AG or in actual fact by Leica Gallery São Paulo operating under some kind of delusional autonomy. I had a quick look on the Leica site and there are references to the Jubilee year but I couldn’t see this video.

    Revisionist? most definitely, bad taste even, although I don’t believe it to be detrimental to the survival of Leica, it’s detrimental all the same.

    Cheers, Jason.

  2. Just another, albeit highly tasteless, instance of brand worship. The haute production values make it all the more absurd.

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