5 thoughts on “Support Film! FERRANIA Kickstarter!

  1. I think one of the main problems with CineStill is that their international shipping costs for the smaller rewards are so high. I told them twice on their Facebook group and I hope they will reconsider. Their goal is very ambitious, and I don’t believe they can make it with backers from the US alone.

  2. Despite over a year’s hoopla, Ferrania won’t deliver any film till April 2015 and that will be a very small run. I suspect they’ll eventually settle on something akin to Ilford’s annual ULF film program with virtually no retail presence outside online sales. Just hoping they don’t squander the bucks and goodwill they’ve amassed.

  3. @CGW: Even if they do, that’s fine. These guys have expressed several time in interviews that they have a realistic understanding of today’s film market. I don’t expect to walk into a drugstore anytime soon and find a Ferrania film on the shelves. It will be more of a “boutique” business and that’s fine by me. I still buy some films in the drugstore but most of it I order online from specialised retailers. In Germany, online stores such as Fotoimpex carry CineStill 135 and even really exotic ones like Film Washi. I am sure they will stock Ferrania, too. For me it makes no difference. Film will be a niche business. Better to accept that and explore the ways to make it a viable and sustainable niche business.

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