5 thoughts on “Back To Paris

    1. It kicks ass! Really! Take the best of all BBB and make it out of premium Spanish leather hand made in Spain! And… Add some touches that improve upon previous BBB’s! Giving this one a torture test this week in Paris and if all is perfect will launch the first 15 bags in the spring….

  1. Hi Steve, still using ‘your’ original BBB – the smaller version.Still just right for the limmitied equipment that I own. Also, the cover that goes over the strap had been a fabulous buy. Really gives the shoulder some relief. AND.. instead of carrying a tri/mono-pod around I still use -effectively – your strong rubber ‘stretchies-band’ to steady the camera!
    I hope you enjoyed Paris. Been a very long time snce I had been there.
    ps… I hopeyou took Eve with you instead ofleaving her home to arrange the everything in the new kitchen etc! After all, Paris IS for lovers !!:} Stef
    pps……very little ‘sugar-free’ pastry in Paris! You know what? Just as well too…….delicious pastries:]….

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