Back From Paris

Back in Vermont after a great week of teaching and shooting in Paris! Really just a great week with spring like weather! The last night of the trip was a nightmare tho with the worst illness I have ever had! You know it is bad the the Air France flight crew has you on the floor and bringing the oxygen… And on the Air France Crew…. Best ever! Not only did they look after me 100% they got me a seat in Business class for the second half of the flight so I could just rest… Free! So after 11 hours of sleep in Boston I made it back to VT and after a few days of rest was back at it! I have been testing the new Bergger BRF 400 film as well as looking at Rodinal / Diafine combos…. More on that soon.

Viva la Revolution-

4 Responses

      1. That’s awesome. I travel almost 180 days out of the year. What I like about the BBB is I can pack it in my 22″ TravelPro Rollerboard while commuting on the airlines. I have room in my STM messenger for my camera. Once at my hotel the BBB comes out of the suitcase and is very non descript.

        I’ve had mine for a while now and it has traveled with me to many countries.

        I carry a Leica M-E with my 35 Lux attached. In the bag I have my 50 Lux and 90 Elmarit along with a couple filters, extra battery, WhiBal card, lens cloths, extra SD cards and notepad.

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