You Have Nothing To Fear But Film Itself

Ok, total crap move by Nikon!  Who’s afraid of the quality of film cutting into their digital sales?… apparently Nikon is.

Considering the vast history of amazing images made with Nikon film cameras this strikes me as nothing more than a money grab… and yeah, photo contests like this suck anyways.

Viva la Revolution-


3 Responses

  1. Nikon attitude. Digital is all about money and pumping product cycles. Their point and shoots are being replaced by iPhones and a 40MP Nokia, so now they’re going to get snobby with real photographers and enthusiasts. Buy large format and get real performance. Effen A.

  2. Bad news? No. Looks like we davidian film wasters are scaring Goliath? Still the best jokes are made by real life. In german we call this behavour “kleinkariert” – small squared, meaning narrow minded. Boo! 😀 Reinhold G.

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