Caffenol Cookbook and Bible

You asked for it and I never did it!

I love coffee and I love Caffenol and now there is a great resource with a online free book, recipes, tips and more! Check it out!!

Caffenol Cookbook





5 thoughts on “Caffenol Cookbook and Bible

  1. Hi Steve, it’s great that figitalrevolution is back again, and many thanks for posting a note about our Caffenol Cookbook that is Bo’s project in the very first line. It was also a great pleasure to have you on my blog for an interview on Caffenol-C during my early Caffenol times.

    Cheers – Reinhold

  2. I haven’t been able to access the “Caffenol Cookbook and Bible” for some time now. The web site seems to be down or missing. Any ideas on where to get it? Thanks

  3. Odd, it hasn´t been down at all and is working fine for lots of other! (or so says the log) It works for me when I click the link above..

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