6 thoughts on “Photographer Martin Schoeller’s TIME 100 Journey

  1. Hey, I was wondering what camera Martin was using to get the polaroid 2mins and 55 seconds into the video? It looks like a 6×9 polaroid, possibly from the Fuji 690 he seems to shoot with. But I didn’t think you could get a pola back for this camera!

    It’s certainly not a polaroid from a Mamiya RZ, it’s the wrong shape/size!

    How intriguing!

  2. interesting to see his gear choices: looked like he just shot the fuji rangefinders in cairo…wonder if he left the rz back in the states for ease of travel?

    nice to see a bts with martin…thanks for posting…

  3. Yeah! Exactly what i was thinking last year, and finally bought my great Canon A1 set! Film – is the future retro. Film will be the way to be cool. And until then… buy those beautiful cameras for bargains on ebay….
    One revolutionary in Hungary already!

  4. Benj L-Miller
    at 2:33 you can see an additional body hanging from the light stand on the left side.
    If you look closely, you can see that it has an NPC polaroid back, you can even make out the “NPC” square logo on the top part of the camera.
    I have to say, interesting choice of gear.
    In most frames it looks like he is shooting horizontal, the finals are all cropped 4×3 vertical for magazine format I guess.
    Thanks for posting, it’s an interesting video.

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