A Few Thoughts for the Working Artist!

Listen in as artist Stephen Schaub and professional writer and former gallery owner Eve Ogden Schaub discuss important questions for the working artist today: to edition or not to edition?, the problem with online art, why artist statements matter and more. 28 minutes in total length.




4 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts for the Working Artist!

  1. Hi Stephen
    thanks for the thought provoking discussion on editioning. Your comments are spot on – some of my own (large sized) editions have been ticking over for years. During this time I have moved on as an artist, and do not even connect with some of these works anymore. Further more they take up valuable wall space that could be filled with new work, which would in turn encourage me to get out and make more pictures. So thanks for the nudge!

  2. Hi Stephen,

    An excellent post on important subject matter. Good suggestions all. The collective weight of printed photographic matter grows exponentially. Taking responsibility for an edition,or editions, requires one to live in the past to an excessive degree. Life is short. Too short. Thanks to you and Eve for sharing the wealth of your experience.


  3. Thanks’

    I just listen to a few thought for the working artist and it given me so much to think about.

  4. Dear Stephen,

    I listen to your conversation with huge interest. I act contrarily to your advice: I have no intention whatsoever to ever limit my editions, I have a website with literally thousands of pictures, I write a lot but have still to write an artist’s statement, and what shall I say: I have zero success!
    However: a great artist must be stubborn. I have no intention to change my policy.

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