Kodak BW400CN and Fuji Acros Compared in Caffenol C

Here is an interesting side by side… shot within a few minutes of each other. The BW400CN is an EI of 200 (this film in my Caffenol C process has a very usable EI range from 50-800). The Fuji Acros is an EI of 100 (box speed… depending on processing time the Acros has a usable EI from 50-800). Both can go further in either direction but this range is the real sweet spot. The crops represent a 4″ x 4″ from a 20″ x 20″ image size… yes the BW400CN has more grain but it is much sharper and I am not sure the grain would even print at the 20″ x 20″ size. Both films have fantastic reciprocity characteristics with no adjustment required until 120 sec.

When you hover over the image it will give the description of the thumbnail.

Viva la Revolution-


11 thoughts on “Kodak BW400CN and Fuji Acros Compared in Caffenol C

  1. Stephen, all your BW400CN testing may be for naught, if today’s spate of rumors of its demise prove true. They’re talking about it over on APUG. Could be nothing, but you know it had to be coming.

    I think I like the Fuji better in this case.

    1. I am checking on the APUG rumor and hope to have some answers soon… I agree the Fuji is quite nice. I am now testing FP4+ as it has always been one of my favorite films with nice grain structure… more later.

  2. Hi, would you mind testing Fomapan as well? It is a really cheap film over here in Europe, you get a roll for about 1,50 Euros. And it would be quite interesting to see, how it performs.

    Anyway thanks a lot for your testing-efforts. I am looking forward for your book.



  3. Since it looks like 120 BW400CN is disappearing, the other option would be Ilford XP2, which still comes in 120. Would you be able to test that for this report?


  4. The blue tint is normal for all Fomas. It doesn’t affect scanning and wet printing. The Foma200 is discontinued because one of its key ingredients is not available at the moment. The Fomapan 100 in Caffenol-C is fantastic showing all the good aspects of this developer: fine grain, sharp, wide tonal range, good exposure latitude.

    Best regards – Reinhold from Heidelberg/Germany

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