3 thoughts on “The Cuboid is Now Live!

  1. I love Pinhole photography, and your website has very much inspired me, and I understand the whole hand made thing but why such a high price for a pinhole camera ?
    It’s will probably last for ever but so will me Zero pinhole camera’s with a little care. It’s a beautiful camera !

    1. Chuck- I own two Zero Image Pinhole cameras and they are quite nice… the Cuboid was designed to provide all of the features you’d expect in a professional pinhole camera but with expanded creative options in a more robust metal housing…. it is like comparing a Timex to a Rolex… both tell time but one does it just a bit better and in a more durable manner. Yes they are expensive but it takes Matt several months to make the complete camera as it is made out of a solid 4.5 lb block of metal and is all hand made here in the USA… the materials on the Cuboid are second to none… really, second to none… no corners were cut as this camera was being built for me and 11 other lucky photographers.

      A few features found on the Cuboid that are quite unique include:

      Hinged back door so nothing has to be disassembled from the camera.
      Film Cassette like a Hasselblad… the film in the Cuboid is VERY flat.
      A very precise laser drilled pinhole that can be changed to anything you like for a larger pinhole or a Zone plate… it is up to you.
      The ability of doing overlapping panoramic images in a variety of different aspect ratios.
      7 internal metal aspect ratio masks for single or again overlapping panoramic images.
      In camera gel filter holder or diffusion holder.
      Alignment point for comp on the top and sides.
      All metal construction.
      Internal shutter system so there is nothing to get bumped as you put the camera in or take the camera out of you bag.
      Built in level
      Built in metal tripod socket

      There is a lot more with regards to the precision built into this camera but I think you get the point…. for me as a professional working photographer this is a camera I would and will take anywhere as it is built like a tank. Again the Zero and other Pinhole cameras are great and with care should last a life time, but again it is like comparing a Timex to a Rolex.


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