2 thoughts on “Photographing The Familiar

  1. Hi Stephen, nice video and post. We are back in AZ and missing the Cape and P-Town. Gary and I were lucky to have run into you. As we travel the fascinating people we meet are the most precious “keepsakes”, follow by the photographs…light and magic.

  2. Thanks Stephen, that was just what I needed right now as the usual wet, dull British winter sets in and has already left my photographic mind dull & depressed in advance of it.

    That’s a good motivational method that keeps the mind thinking, a numbness set’s in at this time of year for me where I simply just cannot think of what to photograph or where to go as the close by and familiar is well ….. too familiar. Planning & thinking ahead gives you something to aim for and look forward too and my mind is running wild already which has cheered me up because I was beginning to feel I’d run out of steam and ideas at this moment in time. Hope you had a great time at Cape Cod, sounds and looks simply divine! 🙂

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