The Cuboid Multi-Aspect Ratio Pinhole Camera – Part 2

TheCuboidThe Cuboid is set for release December 1, 2009 so over the next month I will do one article a week focusing on this unique new camera in addition to my regular articles.

The first in this series is on the multi-aspect ratio possibilities of the Cuboid. The attached imageTheCuboidFrameSheet illustrates that with the 7 included masks the Cuboid is capable of an incredible variety of image sizes and also is capable of doing the Overlapping Frame Panoramic Technique I outlined here on Figital Revolution a few months ago- but to a much greater degree of control and creativity.

Viva la Revolution!

7 thoughts on “The Cuboid Multi-Aspect Ratio Pinhole Camera – Part 2

    1. The Cuboid with the 7 internal masks will cost $1,444.41 US plus shipping. There are only 12 slated to be made as of now… there are 2 more ready for Dec. 1, 2009 and the last six will be ready around March 1, 2009… it is an amazing creative tool.


  1. Stephen,
    This looks amazing. I look forward to seeing what the images look like from Central Park, especially the partial overlaps.
    Thanks for helping bring this into production.

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