Caligula and Friends

How’s that for a catchy title? The image below represents- as I mentioned in my audio blog journal from Italy – a situation where I had to work though some difficult restrictions but in the end was rewarded with an image I really like. The artwork was made in the Vatican Museum which is really beautiful and amazing, but as you can imagine very strict with rules about what and how you can photograph. When we entered the “room of heads” (my name) I was really drawn to the layers of history and how everything seemed to merge into an ordered historic chaos. This was also a situation where the macro feature of the XA 4 really came in handy!

Caligula and Friends

Caligula and Friends
Vatican Museum, 2009
Triple Overlapping Frame Panoramic Technique
Capture: Olympus XA 4, Kodak Ektar 100
Image Size: 9″ x 25″, Printed on Fabriano Rough 640 GSM
Copyright Stephen Schaub 2009

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