The One Minute Rant – When Instant Gratification Is Too Instant


The fifth installment of the One Minute Rant. Each audio is one minute or less and focuses on a very specific topic to engage readers here on the FR to comment and start a dialogue! Just click on the RANT logo to listen.

One thought on “The One Minute Rant – When Instant Gratification Is Too Instant

  1. I am easily overwhelmed with the speed and quantity of digital photography and am never fully satisfied reviewing images on the screen or when I go home and look at them on the computer right after making them.

    When using film, I often let exposed rolls pile up a month or two or even three (I know that’s not supposed to be good) before processing them, and then it might be weeks or even months again before I make (scanned) contact sheets. It’s a slow process that works well for me. I also shoot carefully and sparingly, which I find very difficult to do digitally.

    With film, I can put my processed negatives in a binder and get them out of my way (and mind) without worrying about naming files, copying, backing up, individual image captioning, etc.

    I like the slow process.

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