Publishing Your Own Photography Book

AudioBlog LogoHaving published 4 books in the last 10 years and seen radical transformations in not only the printing process but also in the selling of art books I decided to record this audio blog for anyone considering publishing their own book whether using a full scale fine art press, publisher or an online printing service. See the example images below for specific examples that are mentioned in the audio. Also, please comment on printing services you have used with your thoughts as well as suggestions that may be of interest/ help to our community.

Here is a nice online marketing badge provided by Blurb, for Free, so people interested in your book can have a direct link to its page on Blurb (note that I have one here in the right side bar and also on Included are book specifications, cost, delivery options and a 15 page book preview (this is an option that you can decide to do or not do…you should do it) that I feel really helps sell your book.

Volume One
By Stephen M. Schaub

7 thoughts on “Publishing Your Own Photography Book

  1. I enjoyed listening to the podcast, though I’d like to see a comparison of blurb and lulu in terms of quality of the end product.

    I tried lulu to layout a collection of photos, and though it was simple enough it couldn’t cope with my square images. Though one advantage of lulu is that you can upload a pdf, which gives you more control over the finished product.

    I’ve yet to download the blurb software, mainly because I don’t want to download yet more software but I have seen some good results from blurb.

  2. Debra- I’ve seen the quality between the Blurb and LULU with regards to the printing process and they are both good but the new premium paper from Blurb wins in my opinion. I would love to have a beautiful thick matt paper but that I am sure is not going to happen soon. In order to have more control on Blurb I just designed each page in Photoshop using the canvas to match the page size… this way I could design to my hearts content and when uploaded it matched perfect.


  3. I’m still not quite sure what I think of Blurb. I made a few books for family members this past holiday season. The first batch I received was not good at all. In fact, I’d say the quality was below that of an older ink jet printer. Nice, sharp photos (that I know are perfect in Photoshop) were blurry with faded, desaturated colors, and odd black specs appeared in some of the photos. I, of course, complained. At first Blurb reps said the problem was my photos, but they soon agreed to reprint the same file. This time the quality was much better, though still had some black specs (in different photos this time). Since it was the identical file printed twice, I think it comes down to their consistency, which could be a problem if you are selling the book to the public.

    1. Did you try the new premium paper…the old paper was junk in my opinion…the new premium paper is much much nice… I would still like a 100% cotton matte sheet but I don’t see that anytime soon. As they use different places to print books quality control could be a problem and it is something I am watching very closely.


  4. I used Fastback Books in NYC ( to design and print a collection of my medium format landscape photography. For just a little more than Blurb, I found the quality of the reproductions, material, and construction was superb. Also, they have options for a gloved spine, and foil printing, which makes for a very classy, professional presentation. If you’re looking for a quality alternative to the bigger outfits, check them out.

    1. Looks like a great service, (fast books) but my only concern is the cost… I checked and a book like my example A New Eden Volume 1 would cost around $130 each on FB where on Blurb it is $37 each….that’s a bit high and will making selling somewhat harder but I will try them on a sample book to see if the there is a way to sell the added features that they have as a selling point for a book of higher quality.


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