Suggestions from the Revolution!

I’m planning on adding ocassional posts this next year of books, audio and video which I feel my fellow figital photographers might find useful. Here are my first two suggestions:

Till The Cows Come Home by Dan Nelken

Till The Cows Come Home Cover

I’ve known Dan Nelken for several years both as a photographer and as an artist we represented at Indian Hill Gallery. His new book, Till The Cows Come Home features images from his long-running documentation of the rural American county fair, and is a fantastic and beautiful find in the often uninspiring world of photographic book publishing. One version of this body of work constituted a very popular show held here at Indian Hill Gallery back in 2003-you know, waaaay back when! Eve and I are delighted to see this deserving body of work in print. Congratulations Dan!!

Click to buy on Amazon.

My second selection is (drum roll please): 

How Art Made the World: The Epic Story of How Humans Made Art and Art Made Us Human – NIGEL SPIVEY

hamAn amazing TV series currently running on PBS…a must watch. Each episode is a fascinating look at Art throughout history and its importance to the development of the human being. LIFE=ART, ART=LIFE!

Click here to visit the web site on PBS.

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