The Figital Revolution 2009!

I’m back from a bit of a holiday break and ready for 2009 or to quote the President-elect: Rested and Ready! I am currently working on several articles to be posted in the coming weeks on the following topics:

  • Alternative methods for finishing/ displaying artwork
  • Online artworks sales, what works and what does not!
  • Kodak Ektar Film Test, Part 2.
  • High Resolution Films in Diafine, Part 2.
  • Lomo LCA Part 2
  • Lomo LCA and Olympus XA, which one and why?!
  • Art Museums and the Photographic Filler Show

I’d like to also announce that I will be in Italy (which doesn’t suck) in Feb 09 for 2 weeks for a bit of photography and to finalize a workshop I will teach next fall on Alternative Photographic Techniques. If you live in Rome or near Manciano, which is in Tuscany, send me an email and maybe we could meet for  a cup of espresso and photographic conversation (after all- you can never have too much of either.)

I’d also like to announce that in 2008 the Figital Revolution received over (drumroll please…) 120,000 hits! That is amazing! AND something I hope we can equal or beat in 2009… conversation is very important in these difficult transitional times within our medium.

Cheers and lets hope 2009 is waaaay better than 2008! – Stephen


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