Unplugging Your Paper

I spend a lot of time testing and re-testing my materials so that when I need to make a print I can make it perfect the first time. One of the biggest difficulties with printing on uncoated papers is the paper getting plugged up (this a huge problem with the introduction in many new printers of 9+ inks…that’s a whole lot of fluid!) The solution can be simple (note: its not Pepto Bismol) so give this audioblog a listen!

Below: Hariku Example and Link to Test Target!!

2 thoughts on “Unplugging Your Paper

  1. Hey,

    Love your blogs. I think the info’s right on the money.

    Could you post something a bit more basic explaining ICC profiles, what they are, how they work, etc?

    Also… Would you recommend to have an ICC profile made? Do you guys make’em?

    I’ve got an Epson 3800.


  2. I will record an article on what an icc. is and how it is made in the very near future. Indian Hill Imageworks does not make profiles for outside use as we use many in house technologies but in the audioblog I will mention many good options that really work.


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