"I’m doing it all for you buddy!"

By Stephen M. Schaub

As a young boy I collected comic books among other things and in my home town there was a dealer who’s closing sales line was always…”I’m doing it all for you buddy!” Give me a break! Teleport decades into the future and I sometimes have the same feeling when the Photo Industrial Complex releases their newest offerings…they’re doing it all for us? Really? Are you sure?

I will be at Photo Expo Plus in NYC this coming week delivering to needy companies everywhere (yes I double as Santa with an attitude) their own personal copy of the Figital Revolution Manifesto (sure to win me friends) and also looking to see if there are any real “diamonds” amongst all the repackaged junkyard we call a Photo Convention. I am preparing to hear sales lines like “simply the finest color possible anywhere” or “sharper, faster, quieter” and maybe even “I’m doing it all for you, buddy!”